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Author: WIFN Editor

Ways to Win as Women

stockvault-honey-comb127835As Executive Director of the Centre for Leadership and Dialogue at the Gordon Institute for Business Studies (GIBS), Shireen Chengadu is passionate about finding their own voices in whichever context they are operating.  The focus of her presentation to WIFN was to be and seek a mentor.  In addition, she encouraged women to develop and unite their voices to take a stand – for that which nurtures people and creates equality in society, and against that which divides communities and negatively impacts women in particular.

Here are some of her nuggets of wisdom to help women find ways to win at work:

  • Be your own best brand ambassador:  be distinct or extinct!Volunteer for stretch assignments to gain new knowledge, relationships and experiences.
  • View negotiation as problem-solving, not as a win-lose situation
  • Bring yourself to the tables of power and make yourself heard and your voice matter.
  • Find a great mentor, sponsor or advocate
  • Be a door-opener rather than a gate-keeper

Shireen continues to lead entrepreneurial forums for women to ensure they are equipped for the roles of leadership into which they have stepped or will be stepping.  Her personal credo is:  Disrupt yourself – often!

Shift those shackles!

shutterstock_197320142As the Quick-Shift Diva, Kate Emmerson make short work of useless items – that unused popcorn machine, that never-worn floral dress in lime green.  But, her message to women is far more than how to clear clutter.  Kate challenges women (and men!) to clear their emotional clutter:  those feelings of unforgiveness, those long-standing fears, those attitudes that no longer serve the better person you have become.  Both the physical and emotional decluttering are cathartic and make room for fresh growth and new ideas.

  • Here are some of her tips shared with the WIFN guests:
  • Pay attention to your outstanding goals – ask for support and accountability
  • Check your attitude – what is and isn’t serving you?
  • Focus on your to-do list – not others’ – to live light, live large

Kate Emmerson is also an author and her books and courses are just as inspiring as her presentations – find out more from her website.

The Unwritten Rule of Business: Networking

Networking expert and founder of The Networking Company, Helen Nicholson, was the speaker at the very first WIFN event. In her address, she noted that, while women typically have a business network of 11-15 people whom they can access for advice or assistance, men have 50-70 people they feel comfortable contacting for help. That’s a staggering difference! And consider the implications for growth, advancement in companies and industries, and confidence and influence.

Helen gave very practical pointers to mastering the art of networking.  Here are a few (and the bonus is that they are contained in her free – yes, free – ebook on her website):
Have your 10 second elevator speech, your ‘hook’ ready, in response to the question:  “So, what do you do?”

Great networkers are distinguished by two attributes: they understand their strengths and have their own personal brand.
Touching someone’s elbow when greeting him or her increases his or her ability to recall you by 70%!

The correct place to pin your name tag at any event is on the top right-hand side of your chest, almost at the base of your shoulder.
Thank you, Helen, for sharing so readily of your wisdom and encouragement to women in the financial services industry!