Meet your network – Angela Saltas

Angela did not take the traditional route to become a Financial Planner. After studying for a degree in communications and psychology, she spent her early years teaching English at high school and she then joined her father and his partner in their business. She describes it as a baptism of fire as her father fell ill soon after and could not mentor her and show her the ropes.

Armed with her post-graduate diploma in Financial Planning and the skills she gained through her communications and psychology degree, Angela now successfully runs the business. Uniformity, consistency and process are the three main elements she attributes to her success.

Angela works closely in a team of five, all of whom happen to be working mothers. Family comes first for Angela, and this is a core value of her business. She treats her clients like family and sees them for who they are, not just their policies.

When asked what advice she would give younger women entering the profession, this is what she had to say: “There is no such thing as balance, but on average, it should work out. Embrace your youth while your knowledge is still fresh and current. Embrace womanhood because we tend to be more intuitive and holistically focused as a woman. Continually remind yourself that you deserve to be where you are. You are worthy.”


  • Angela is a fantastic lady and also a fantastic financial advisor. We have been with the company from the days of her wonderful father, Neil. We have never regretted a day. Thank you Angela.

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