Meet our panelists – Kerrin Land

Kerrin Land, CEO of Old Mutual Wealth, describes herself as puzzle-solver at heart.  “I love taking complex concepts and turning them into easy solutions for clients, as well as steamlining intertwined systems and processes to create business value,” she says.

While Kerrin has spent most of her career in one organisation, being Old Mutual, her range of skills and adaptable disposition have allowed her to make a valuable contribution across a wide spectrum of business sectors: investment product development, investment teams, distribution and marketing, business strategy and planning, and actuarial pricing and valuations.  She played a senior business leader role over nine years.

Now, having been appointed as CEO of Old Mutual Wealth in 2016, Kerrin works on the ultimate puzzle: getting people with complex personalities, cultures and perspectives aligned, engaged and excited about delivering great outcome for clients and shareholders.

Kerrin sees herself as a closet introvert who loves her two dogs, her two young children and her husband … not necessarily in that order!  In her rather limited free time, she reads, cooks, climbs and hikes, with the occasional bad squash or golf game thrown in.

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