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July WIFN Event – Sensory Awareness & Management with Ida Doyer

After weeks of lockdown and riots, our July event seemed perfectly timed. Ida Doyer, sensory integration occupational therapist and owner of Brain Sense, was suggested to us by WIFN member, Sunel Veltman. Sunel completed a sensory profiling session with Ida and found it to be exceptionally helpful in understanding not only herself but her husband too.

During this insightful talk, Ida explained how sensory awareness and integration unpacks bottom brain energy to optimize health, wellness and productivity. It makes use of sensory science to create bottom brain awareness in individuals, families, teams, and organizations. Sensory profiling gently guides individuals and teams toward scientific sensory self-care, sensory stress management, optimal levels of brain arousal, and meaningful relationships.

Ida unpacked how we all react differently to sensory stimulation and how understanding ourselves and those close to us helps build deeper relationships.

“Holistic wellness has become a lifeline during the pandemic, and the sensory aspect of wellness provides opportunity for scientific and custom-fit self-care, stress management, productivity improvement, and relationship management”, says Ida.

If you would like to get in touch with Ida, you can email her at or visit her Brain Sense website for more information.

“Nothing enters the brain if not through the senses.” – Aristotle

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