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Cut. Quality. Fit: A fashionable event

Cut. Quality. Fit : A fashionable event

07 January 2016 Sarah Coetzee, freelance writer based in Cape Town


Cape Town’s members of the Women in Finance Network graced The Bay hotel in Camps Bay for the final (and second ever) event of the year. Providing a platform to meet, share and relax with like-minded women from the industry, the Network creates a welcoming community; the business cards circulate, the contacts are made.

Attired in an array of looks – bright, monochrome, sparkly, colourful, prints and heels all round – the ladies of the Women in Finance Network all displayed their own personal styles (whether they realised it or not!). This was especially fitting considering the topic of discussion from the speaker at the event.

Former Elle magazine editor, recognised style icon and ‘salon pioneer’, Jackie Burger, was the guest speaker for the evening. Giving the audience food for thought, she took them through her reflections on the language of style. “Style is not about clothing, fashion or trends – it’s about self-expression which is grounded in your belief in yourself,” she explained.

Drawing the audience closer into a more intimate circle, Jackie encouraged the ladies to wear what makes them feel comfortable. “People perceive your self-confidence which is evident when you feel comfortable in what you are wearing,” she declared, “so dress for yourself; not for someone else. And don’t wear what you think you are ‘supposed to’ wear.”

Jackie volunteered an abundance of sage advice: link what you wear to who you are; use fashion as a tool – don’t allow it to overwhelm you; learn to love how you look; organise your wardrobe; and whenever you buy an item the motto to live by is ‘cut, quality, fit’.

WIFN is committed to connecting women with experts and leaders in the industry who can offer guidance, mentorship, support and opportunities for growth. Jackie Burger is a doyenne from the fashion industry who offered advice, consideration and wisdom on a subject that is key to so many women’s self-esteem and confidence.

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