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A fun way for children to learn financial literacy

Fond childhood memories of fairy tales may recall the three little pigs’ narrow escape from the wolf with tremendous lungs! Their strategy was to run to their brother who had built the strongest house. A new generation of three piggies has emerged, created by Director and Wealth Manager at Wealth Creed, Gugu Sidaki, whose purpose is to teach children the principles of personal financial management in a fun and effective way.

In a series of three books, featuring five-year old Nala (Gugu’s daughter), concepts such as budgeting, saving, spending and investing are introduced and discussed – these are the building blocks of financial literacy.

The Save and Share books can be enjoyed by children from age 4 to 10, and the Invest book is suitable for children from age 7 to 10.

The idea for My 3 Piggies grew out of the financial literacy programmes that Gugu Sidaki hosts for adults. Many participants said they wished they’d had this information when they were younger and expressed a desire to equip their children with the same information. Through these programmes, Gugu realised that she enjoys teaching and expanded it by creating material for children.

“My ultimate aim,” says Gugu, “is to create a My 3 Piggies Academy where children are taught everything about personal financial management through play. I have a very big and ambitious dream to reach at least 5 million (that’s only 10% of our country’s population) children with this business. It would be my contribution to the creation of financially responsible adults of the future.”

The book publishing and printing is self-funded and the books are available at Gugu adds, “I’m semi self-published; my publisher is helping me reach as many children as possible.” The books are available as single purchases, but it is recommended that you buy the set since it’s a story that follows one character in all three books.

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Gugu Sidaki is a Director and Wealth Manager at Wealth Creed, and a Certified Financial Planner®. You can see her WIFN profile by clicking here.

The story of how Gugu established her company was featured in an earlier The Buzz – click here to access it.

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