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Tamzin Nel, CFA

Tamzin Nel completed a BCom (Investment Management) at the University of Pretoria, is a CFA charter holder and has completed an online Social Entrepreneurship program with the University of Oxford.

She has five years’ experience in the financial markets and is a portfolio manager at the asset manager Anchor Capital (Pty) Ltd, working with private clients, managing mining rehabilitation funds and co-managing the Anchor BCI Managed Fund.

She is eternally enthusiastic, inquisitive and constantly learning with a keen interest in behavioural finance, social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Her tagline, if she were a brand, would be “Corporate by qualification. Hippy at Heart”.

She hopes to tread as lightly as possible on this beautiful planet of ours and looks for sustainability in all that she produces or consumes. She is forever challenging the status quo of South Africa, a country which is in dire need of tangible and sustainable socio-economic change and has significant scope for this change. It is her duty, as someone who has some sort of influence over how capital is allocated, to redirect a percentage of it towards workable social upliftment businesses which measure the triple bottom line.

She believes the field of social entrepreneurship and impact investing, where financial and social gains meet, to be the natural intersection where she can combine both her skills and passions to prove that it is possible to be both “for-profit” and “for-purpose”.

Tamzin Nel, CFA