Mariette Tappan

Mariette Tappan holds the distinction of being the first Certified Financial Transitionist® in South Africa. In this capacity, she is pioneering Financial Transitions Planning, which recognises the unique and specific stages that we undergo when we are in transition. The training, which is open to Certified Financial Planners® and their global equivalents, equips Transitionists® to guide and counsel their clients through a variety of changes, all the while ensuring that their money can support any financial implications.

“Having been a Certified Financial Planner® with Liberty for over 25 years, I realised that I wanted to improve my empathetic and communication skills,” says Mariette. The need for this was highlighted when five of her clients passed away in one year. “The tools provided by the Financial Transitionist Institute enable me to create a place for clients to leave an enriched legacy, one that has a deeper sense of integrity and purpose,” Mariette adds.

Mariette is drawn to nature, art, music and travel, her love for which she believes has equipped her with insight, inspiration and appreciation. This uniquely offers her the opportunity to enrich the lives of the people that she meets.

Mariette Tappan
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Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth
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