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Hayley Giuricich

Hayley believes that financial planning allows you to plan for what you want rather than to get what you are given.

“Merging my career with who I am and who I want to be allows me to what I love every day,” says Hayley. “I want to take the fear out of investing and help my clients achieve financial freedom.” The route to this, she knows, is to build a life plan as a blueprint for knowing where you are going. She cites Melinda Gates in support of this assertion: “If you don’t set your own agenda, someone else will.”

Hayley’s life choices are testimony to philosophy. Wanting a change from the fast pace of their careers in Johannesburg (Hayley’s in banking and financial transactions), Hayley and her husband relocated to her hometown of Port Elizabeth. “Having heard that raising small children and working may be the busiest time of your life – but also the best – we knew it was important to take it all in. So, while we have found no change of pace, we lift our heads from our desks and see the tides change and the wind switch direction…just beautiful!”

A Chartered Accountant, Hayley has completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and is gaining experience to obtain her CFP® qualification.

“I am privileged to travel regularly with my husband and small boys and always pack a sense of adventure and a good dose of flexibility,” smiles Hayley. “I don’t believe you can have it all – balancing between being the best Mom I can be and having a career is hard, but working in a dynamic company and having a wonderful support structure lets me stretch myself and grow.”

Hayley says that the key to her happiness is planning her financial life and her pleasure. She loves the inspiration of belonging to Women In Finance Network and of meeting such wonderful women.

Hayley Giuricich