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Alvira Fisher

Alvira Fisher’s LinkedIn profile dubs her a “Rethinker” and this mental agility is borne out by resilience and adaptability in both her professional and personal life.

Currently an Operations Manager at Old Mutual Wealth, Alvira started her career in the financial sector at 20Twenty Financial Services, and quickly moved to Investec Asset Management as a Management Accountant. 2015 saw her introduction to Old Mutual, and by 2016, Alvira had earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and Management from the University of Stellenbosch. She also attended the GIBS Middle Management Programme in 2015.

A highlight has been Alvira’s sabbatical in 2018 to complete her MBA through the University of Stellenbosch Business School. In addition to honing her professional skillset, Alvira appreciated the time for deep personal reflection on her role as a woman. “I am now intentional about the contribution that I want to make to my family, my company and my country,” she affirms.

Empathetic and co-operative Alvira values time to chat to her husband, collect her children from school and spend time with her mother. She embraces change and challenges because she is intellectually curious. Alvira’s social and outgoing nature means that she enjoys platforms such as Women In Finance Network.

Alvira Fisher