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Allison Harrison

Allison Harrison started her career in financial services at Allan Gray in 1991.

“My interest in the world of financial planning was sparked when, in 1998 Allan Gray launched their first Unit Trust and appointed me to be part of a very small team managing the call centre,” explains Allison. She recognised that knowledge is crucial, and after various financial courses, she embarked on a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, and completed it in 2010 through the University of the Orange Free State.

“It was my role at Allan Gray as a consultant to Independent Financial Advisors which exposed me to many inspiring people and drew me to the role they played in helping their clients to become financially free,” says Allison. “I met with some of their clients personally and welcomed their stories about their financial journey.”

Early on, Allison noticed the common thread that bound these clients: no matter where in life they were, or how little or how much money they had, working with their financial planner always gave them courage, a sense of direction and excitement which comes with having a manageable financial plan in place. Allison decided to become part of that community where she too could make a difference in someone’s life, which often extends to assisting their families.

In August 2018, Allison started her own company: Active Financial Planning.

After 27 years in financial services, Allison knows that financial planning is less about the brand, mission or vision, than about trust, solid relationships, knowledge, personalised service and delivering on promises.

Allison spends her much of her spare time at the beach – walking, surfing or just enjoying being there. The sea feeds her soul and frees her to create great work-life balance.

Allison Harrison