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Freedom to be me

Colleen-Joy Page
Colleen-Joy Page

As a successful business owner and life coach, Colleen Joy-Page has a wide spectrum of messages that benefit women.  For her evening with the women of WIFN, however, she chose the topic that is closest to her heart: helping women discover their authentic identity. This frees them from seeking to live up to unrealistic expectations – most often created by themselves – and from operating in a survival mode that results in them feeling either superior or inferior to others.  Genuine relationships are formed, Colleen says, when we are “equal to” each other – nothing to prove.

While you really need to attend an Apple Tree workshop to get the full benefit of Colleen’s wisdom, we have distilled these few seeds to give you a taste of it:
Your Apple Tree is your true, natural, liberated you, and teaches you teaches us that we don’t have to “become” someone.

Inner obstacles like fear, procrastination, carrying others’ burdens need to be transformed to free our dreams.
Instead of living a life of doing, make yours a life of being

You can find out about Colleen Joy-Page’s courses on her website: