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A powerful combination

Celynn Erasmus is a registered dietician, professional speaker and writer, co-authoring the best-selling Fast food for sustained energy. Joni Peddie, CEO of The BizComm® Group, facilitates, coaches and speaks on personal growth, team performance and sustainable transformation. She is also the co-founder of the Enneagram Institute in South Africa. Together they have established the Resilient Energy Centre ( and are helping people live healthier, more balanced lives. Their WIFN presentation had women off their feet and getting healthy hormones pumping out energy and happiness.

What I love about their tips is that they are easy and quick to implement … and have a great impact on a busy lifestyle:

  • Are you time-poor and stress-rich? Fuel, Activate, Behave for a FABulously energetic life:
    • Fuel your body to unlock energy and vitality, and manage your waistline
    • Activate your body and brain to manage stress and ensure mental agility
    • Behave authentically to play to your strengths and collaborate more powerfully.
  • Breathing deeply is a built-in stress reliever
  • Daily wins become major victories

Don’t miss out on Celynn and Joni’s excellent book, The F+A+B Quotient.