A powerful combination

Celynn Erasmus is a registered dietician, professional speaker and writer, co-authoring the best-selling Fast food for sustained energy. Joni Peddie, CEO of The BizComm® Group, facilitates, coaches and speaks on personal growth, team performance and sustainable transformation. She is also the co-founder of the Enneagram Institute in South Africa. Together they have established the Resilient Energy Centre (www.resilientenergycenter.com) and are helping people live healthier, more balanced lives. Their WIFN presentation had women off their feet and getting healthy hormones pumping out energy and happiness.

What I love about their tips is that they are easy and quick to implement … and have a great impact on a busy lifestyle:

  • Are you time-poor and stress-rich? Fuel, Activate, Behave for a FABulously energetic life:
    • Fuel your body to unlock energy and vitality, and manage your waistline
    • Activate your body and brain to manage stress and ensure mental agility
    • Behave authentically to play to your strengths and collaborate more powerfully.
  • Breathing deeply is a built-in stress reliever
  • Daily wins become major victories

Don’t miss out on Celynn and Joni’s excellent book, The F+A+B Quotient.

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