Lisa Kaplan

Lisa joined the Financial Planning industry in 2016 and is a CFP® professional.

Lisa is passionate about the value of the industry, as she believes that quality financial planning and management can improve the lives of most. For this reason, she attains great fulfilment from the key alignment of finance to life.

Lisa aims to find balance and alignment in her own life and believes that this is a major source of overall success and happiness. She is a keen and curious learner, who enjoys keeping an active mind, furthering her studies and problem-solving. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and is passionate about education, technology, sustainability and equality.

Lisa enjoys the outdoors, keeping active and practicing yoga. She loves hiking, cooking, travelling and spending quality time with loved ones.

Lisa Kaplan
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Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth
Tel: 011 502 2800

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